Wherever you operate in Queensland, chances are your business will require public liability insurance.

Public liability is a form of insurance which protects Queensland businesses from the financial costs of accidents and negligence which results in loss or damage to others.

Public Liability in Qld

Wherever you are in Australia public liability insurance is generally the same, however there are a few unique situations here in Queensland where the insurance requirements differ to other states.

One such example is electricians.  Here in Queensland any subcontractor or business owner applying for a Qld Electrical Contractors Licence must obtain a public liability policy which includes a special option known as consumer protection.

Licensed pool inspectors operating under the Qld guidelines must also hold a special form of professional indemnity insurance that has been designed specifically to meet the government regulations.

Is Public Liability Mandatory in Qld?

There are a few instances where public liability insurance required, such as those mentioned above, but generally public liability is entirely optional for business operating in Queensland.

Whilst the government may not mandate insurance requirements for everyone, many people such as tradesmen will find that the insurance has been made mandatory by many companies managing large building projects.

Regardless of whether or not you are told that you must have public liability insurance, there is little doubt that it’s a very good idea for any business to have adequate cover in place to protect them against things going wrong.

Queensland Insurance Quotes

Obtaining quotes for public liability insurance for businesses here in Queensland is a fairly straightforward process which can be done in a number different ways.

Traditionally many business owners and operators have gone directly to an insurance broker to obtain quotes on their business insurance.  This is still the most common option, however some of the insurance companies are now targeting clients directly and bypassing the brokers.

Despite this trend, most business owners still find it much easier to use an insurance broker who knows their industry and can obtain multiple quotes in a shorter period of time. Not to mention the benefits of good advice that an insurance broker can offer.

More Information

If your business is based in or operates in Queensland and you would like to find out more about public liability insurance please contact your insurance broker.

If you do not have an insurance broker you can find a local broker using this service offered by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).