Australia has a very strong insurance industry, and that extends to providers of public liability insurance.

Queensland businesses have access to insurance products offered by almost all of the insurers based in Australia, however there are a couple of small state-based insurers who only look after their own state.

All of the major Australian insurance companies provide public liability insurance to Queensland businesses, and we have listed a few of the major players below:

QBE Insurance

The ‘Q’ in QBE actually stands for Queensland, which is a nice start for this now-global insurance company.

QBE provide all insurance products to Qld businesses including public liability insurance, and they are one of the few insurers to offer the special cover required by Qld electricians.

Allianz Insurance

Allianz are a well know insurance company offering business insurance in Qld.

Although Allianz is based in Germany, they have a large presence in Australia and have been doing business here for many years.

Vero Insurance

Vero specialise in business insurance and have public liability policies to suit a range of different types of businesses.

Vero are part of the Suncorp group, which is one of Australia’s largest insurance organisations and is based right here in sunny Qld.

Other Qld Insurers

There are many other insurance companies offering public liability insurance in Qld.

Some of the names you may have heard of include AMP, Zurich and CGU.

Retail Insurers

In addition to the insurers listed above there are also a number of retail insurance companies offering public liability in Queensland.

Retail insurers are generally classed as those who only provide insurance directly, and not via insurance brokers like most other insurers do.

Some of the most well known insurers offering public liability via their retail channel include NRMA and AAMI.  These companies generally offer cover via their website or call centres.

Quotes and Advice

Almost any business insurance broker in Qld will be able to assist you with insurance products offered by the companies above, with the exception of the retail insurers who do not deal with brokers.

For more information or to obtain a quote on your public liability insurance in Qld please contact your broker or insurance provider.