The Gold Coast is a great place to live and work, and there is no shortage of business owners who call the Coast home.

With a population of more than 600,000 and annual visitor numbers of around 10 million, there is always something going on.

But with so many people pouring in and out of local businesses every day, it’s important to ensure your business is properly insured if something is to happen to one of those people.

This is where public liability insurance can help your Gold Coast business.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

If someone was to enter your place of business and injure themselves, or if you were doing some work for them and you caused property damage or personal injury to them, they could sue you and/or your business for serious money.

Public liability insurance can protect you and your business from this risk by covering the cost of a claim against you for property damage or personal injury suffered by others.

You can learn more at our ‘what is public liability insurance’ guide.

Which Gold Coast Businesses Require Cover?

If your business has the potential to cause property damage or personal injury to another person, then you will most likely need (or should at least have) public liability cover.

This captures pretty much any type of business, from the small shops along Cavil Avenue, the cafes, restaurants and bars elsewhere in Surfers Paradise and many other business types throughout the Coast.

If someone can slip, fall and sue, then you need cover!

The other big user of public liability insurance is the building and construction industry.

Whilst a tradie isn’t going to be at risk of slip and fall type claims in the same way that a shop could be, they are still exposed to the risk of causing property damage or injury whilst on the worksite.

The reality is that very few businesses on the Gold Coast (or elsewhere in Australia for that matter) could survive a serious claim without having the right public liability insurance in place.

Special Local Requirements

There aren’t any major differences in the insurance requirements between local businesses on the Gold Coast and elsewhere in Australia, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Both electricians and pool inspectors on the Gold Coast (and elsewhere in Queensland) have special requirements for their business insurance, and without the right cover they can’t obtain their licence.

Generally speaking you should be okay to use an insurance broker from anywhere in Australia, but if you do fall into one of the special categories then you may be better off using a local broker.

Quotes and More Information

There are a few ways in which you can obtain quotes and advice on your public liability and other forms of business insurance.

The most popular option for Gold Coast businesses is to use a local broker who specialises in business insurance.  They will be able to run through your options with you and provide you with quotes.

An increasingly popular option is to go online via websites such as this one which allows you to request quotes and even take out cover over the internet.

You can request a quote from us via our online quote form.

Our network of insurance experts are mostly located in Queensland (Brisbane in particular) and will be more than capable of assisting your Gold Coast based business.

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